3 Fasts in the Books…Almost

3 Fasts in the Books…Almost

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting at my kitchen table drinking a glass of water and sweating. And stinking. I just mowed the yard. I may or may not have grass in my teeth. I’m sure my neighbors hate me for doing that at 7 on Sunday morning, but it’s hot, y’all, and only getting hotter.

So I’m an hour and a half away from ending my third fast since beginning intermittent fasting (IF) Thursday evening. To be 100% honest, it really hasn’t been that bad. As I mentioned in my last (and first) post, I am fasting from 6pm to 10am, and 10am to 6pm is my eating window. Friday morning, my tummy growled one time before 10am, but I didn’t feel jittery or sick like my blood sugar was low.

Drinking my cup of joe:

I should probably mention here, that I’m in pretty good health. No issues with blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

So at 10am my app (BodyFast–free version) shot me a little message telling me I could eat now, and I did. I had some almonds and a banana. I ate lunch a little later than usual, since i ate breakfast later than my usual 7am. Luckily, my lunch schedule at work is flexible, so I’ll be able to eat whenever it feels like it’s time.

This is what I brought to work for the day, plus a bowl of cantaloupe:

The chicken is a great recipe for Weight Watchers…or anyone! I’ll work on adding recipes from time to time and linking them. And yes…those are purple potatoes. My favorite!

I worked late Friday and ended up having a large bowl of cantelope for dinner because that’s what I had available at the office (but I had also had some sweet treats at an office baby shower earlier, so I was by no means starving). I got home after 6pm, so my fasting time had started. I was beat from the day so I fixed some hot (unsweet) tea, and went into zombie mode on the couch.

Saturday morning was probably the most difficult so far, but just because I usually do a big breakfast kinda early on Saturdays. It will be an adjustment, but I’ll make it work. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting at 7am and had coffee (black). I lost 1.4lbs this week, which is 64.6lbs down total. That’s pretty typical for me, so I’m interested to see how or if that changes when I weigh in next week after doing a full week of IF. I will, of course, let you know.

I ate pretty normally yesterday and stopped eating at 6pm. It actually made things a little easier. I wasn’t thinking about what to snack on all evening…it just wasn’t an option. I did a few new things, which I will tell you about in upcoming posts, and drank lots of water and some hot tea.

I looked around on Pinterest for more IF info, but was pretty disappointed in the lack of info I found. I’ll keep digging and include anything helpful that I find.

One useful tidbit I did find, suggested keeping busy during fasting times when you’re not asleep. This was more helpful to me in the mornings waiting for breakfast. Yesterday after my meeting, I went to the farmers market, and today I mowed…and wrote this post. I think I need to drink more water during fasting times. Maybe less coffee…but probably just more water. Don’t want to go crazy here.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. āœŒ

7 thoughts on “3 Fasts in the Books…Almost

  1. Well done you! That’s a great post. I agree about keeping busy in morning before late breakfast. For me it’s walking and biking.
    I haven’t used Pintwrest for a while, but if you’re a Facebook creature there’s an immensely motivational closed group called Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Plus. Highly recommended…
    Feel free to connect there, or with my Fit it etc.


      1. I checked in the group for any advice re: folks not on Facebook. Reply suggests any book by Dr Jason Fung, particularly The Obesity Code.


  2. That’s a great post, Erin. I agree that keeping busy in morning before late breakfast is the key. For me it’s walking and biking.
    If you are a Facebook creature, there’s an amazing closed group called Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Plus. Highly recommended.


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