Two week reflection

Two week reflection

Hi, y’all. Tomorrow is my two week intermittent fast-iversary. 😊 It has really been a great first two weeks getting into the swing of IF. I’ve felt really good, and in general think this is a reasonable, sustainable health choice.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m already doing Weight Watchers. That’s the method I’m using to work on weight loss. Some employ IF for weight loss by cutting out breakfast or dinner, or even day(s) of eating. While I’m not an expert, that doesn’t strike me as terribly healthy or sustainable…at least for me. So during the 8 hours I’m eating (10am-6pm), I’m eating 3 meals and usually a snack, which account for most of my daily points (Weight Watchers’ method of tracking food).

I will say IF has led me to cut out snacking in the evening, which has saved me lots of “points” that I was using when I wasnt actually hungry. I should also say, IF is not a means of starvation. Sometimes my tummy growls in the hour or so before my fast is over, but I’m not ravenous, or jittery, or sick-feeling. If I was feeling that level of hunger at any point during my fasting time, I WOULD EAT. My purpose in trying IF is to get my body back on track with its own circadian rhythms (someone check my spelling and get back to me on that). I have big plans to do a whole post on that topic, so please hold.

Though I’m not doing IF for weight loss, I did lose 4 lbs last week at my weigh-in. I certainly don’t expect to see that every week, but I do think my body is responding positively to the new change in schedule.

Now I’ll throw in a dose of reality…I’m not super-perfect. The folks who know me are shaking their heads “yes”. This week has been stressful and I’m not handling it like a champ. I have always been one to eat my feelings, and I’m definitely still working on that…maybe I always will. Feelings are part of life and so is food.

The damage: yesterday I went over my WW points, and over my extra weekly allotment of points (a cushion for the week to use how you want), THEN i went home and ordered a pizza and wings! And ate them! After 6pm! Eek! I felt like crap and had all of the heart burn, which is lame.

I got back on the wagon this morning, but got home late, so I ended up eating after 6pm again. Like I keep saying, this is real life. I’ll get back on the wagon again tomorrow morning. 😊

Thanks for reading. I know this was a long post with no pictures, so I’ll leave you with this. I did actually try a new thing today and it was amazing. You should probably try it too. This is Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding Cereal. My heart, in a bowl.

Try it. Tell me what you think. And please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, good jokes, etc….about anything. Not just cereal. ✌

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